Shark Review

About Shark Review

Founded by the students of MAK's Advanced Writing Workshop in 2017, the Shark Review was then digitized by MAK's National English Honor Society in 2022. This online literary magazine is dedicated to fostering the love of humanities and showcasing the creativity of the student body.

We are looking for the honest work of MAK students and staff, be it prose or poetry. Based on each issue's theme, we hope to prompt writers to see the world in new perspectives and, in turn, convey them on the pages.


“Have fun and feel chill." - Mother Ann (Ann Tai) 2021

NEHS' mission is to create an environment where students can grow and explore the humanities. We wish to cultivate writers and readers and poets. We hope to encourage and promote the work of students at MAK.


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Submission Guidelines

Procedure 215: Standards for Productions, Publications and Instructional Material

“As a Christian institution, our standards should be such that both those from within and those from without the school should not be offended by what is presented for either public or private consumption. Thus, the keynote of any production, publication, or anything else of that nature must be 'wholesomeness.' Therefore, we should seek to provide productions and publications which do not violate Biblical principles and which are sensitive to the Taiwan government and to Chinese culture.”

In other words, keep it clean, not too violent, and try not to end on a depressing note.


Published pieces are not public. They are only visible to students, staff, and parents of the Morrison campuses.