Impact Program

Morrison Academy Kaohsiung (MAK) is a school that prides itself on developing both the minds and hearts of students. The Impact Program’s goal is to connect middle and high school students at MAK with educational experiences that train and inspire them to have a greater impact on the world.

While MAK strives to integrate experiential learning methods into all of its classes, the Impact Program allows secondary students to participate in supervised off-campus learning experiences once each year. The duration and theme of these experiences varies as students advance through the MAK secondary program each year. Middle school programs last three or four days, while high school programs last five days or longer. 

In order to provide curricular space and logistical support for these experiences, students’ regular classes are cancelled at MAK while students are off-campus. During this time, secondary teaching staff at MAK are expected to either assist in leading programs or to assist in covering classes and other responsibilities for staff that are participating in programs.

6th Grade

Theme: Cross Over

Students are encouraged to grow in maturity as they cross over and begin middle school, which marks a significant transition in student and academic life at MAK. 

Students reflect on the struggles that they have faced entering middle school — emotional, academic, organizational, or relational. Activities are designed to encourage students to gain confidence, build communication skills, self-control, and class unity as well as to consider how God can be present in struggles. As they face challenges through engaging in various activities (which vary from year to year), they face these struggles and have an opportunity to mature. Small group time and personal devotions give them a chance to hear how God is present through times of difficulty.

Purposes: reflect on life transition; communicate with a team when doing hard things; build confidence; embrace freedom with responsibility; trust God

7th Grade
8th Grade
9th Grade
10th Grade
11th Grade
12th Grade