Impact Program

MAK’s Impact Program seeks to inspire and encourage students in their journey beyond knowledge to wisdom. Each year of the middle and high school programs has a developmentally appropriate theme that is coupled with one or more activities designed to challenge and motivate our students. Impact Program activities are required for all MAK students.

6th Grade

Theme: Crossing Over

Retreat to Sun Moon Lake


  • To grow in maturity, leaving behind elementary school behaviors as they cross over to middle school
  • To gain confidence, communication skills, self-control, and class unity
  • To see how God can be present and a help in these struggles

In the fall of the school year, the Grade 6 class goes on a three-day retreat to the Holy Love Camp at Sun Moon Lake. As the trip begins, students reflect on the struggles they have faced entering middle school — emotional, academic, organisational, or relational. Then, as they engage in team-building activities, stand-up paddleboarding, canoeing, and a DIY raft, they face these struggles and have an opportunity to mature in them. Small group time and personal devotions give them a chance to hear how God is interested in these struggles and wants to help.

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