MAK has always been known for its strong music program. With a wide range of musical classes and activities, our students have lots of opportunities to perform. Many students take advantage of the private lessons offered on a range of instruments from guitar to cello and percussion to woodwinds. There are also vocal lessons for solo and ensemble performance.

Twice a year, MAK students showcase their musical talents in concert. The first performance of the year is in December for the Christmas holiday. During this event, the audience is treated to full choirs, an orchestra, and string chamber music. The focus is on the Birth of Christ as we celebrate the season. The second performance occurs in May for the end of school. This Spring Concert is an observation of the new year and the anticipation of the summer holiday. After a full year of practice, each ensemble puts on their best musical exhibition. Both events are memorable for their variety and quality!

MAK is fortunate to have two highly qualified music teachers to provide our students with a variety of musical opportunities. Every day, it is common to hear the sound of violin music straining from the music room or a chorus of voices from the choir room. It is also common to have additional performances off-campus at locations like the Dream Mall or E-Da Hospital.