Online Courses

Morrison Academy Approved Online Courses


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Guidelines for MAK Students Taking Online Courses:

  1. New online courses will begin on the second week of school in both semesters.  Ending dates will match Morrison Academy's school calendar.  Any changes to the beginning and ending dates after submitting the MAK Online Course Request Form will incur extra fees covered by the parents.  Also, please note that all access to the course is immediately removed after the end date.
  2. Morrison tuition covers all fees for one online course (per semester) for MAK students who take courses offered by the Morrison approved online provider.  Fees for taking an additional course and/or changing courses (i.e. adding and/or dropping a course) after submitting the MAK Online Course Request Form are the responsibility of the parents.
  3. When possible, the school library will try to provide the required textbooks.  However, students might be required to purchase their own textbooks (particularly for AP courses).
  4. Except for transfer students from other schools, students are not permitted to enter a course after the first two weeks of each semester.  Students may not drop a course after the fourth week without an "F" for the semester, unless permission is granted by the High School Principal.
  5. Failure to complete an online course could lead to subsequent online course requests being denied until evidence of commitment to successfully complete an online course is present.

Online Tips to Maximize Your Online Experience

  1. Organize Your Work Space

    • Before you start working, create a folder on your computer to keep your assignments.
    • Make sure you have a quiet space to work in at home.
    • Keep a schedule for the course, copies of the module/itineraries, and a contact sheet for your instructor.
  2. Organize Your Time

    • Make a schedule.
    • Stay focused on the task at hand.  Work with other students taking the same class to stay motivated.
  3. Maximize your Learning

    • Check your email daily before you start working.
    • Look in your reviewed work.
    • Follow the schedule (known as a pace chart) provided by the instructor.
    • Ask the course instructor questions!