Middle School Overview

MAK middle school values not only academic rigor but also the development of personal character and strong social skills. Our program allows students to grow in a variety of ways as they work to fulfill their potential.

Educating Minds and Hearts

Our school’s tagline, Journeying Beyond Knowledge to Wisdom, is the genuine goal of our educators. As a Christian school, we are committed to educating not only the minds of our students but also their hearts. For us, education goes beyond academics as we help students grow in their faith, make good life choices, and understand the importance of a biblical worldview. Conversations between students and teachers in the halls are not simply focused on grades and college but also on who students are, where they are going, and why they are headed there. Our most fervent prayer is that our graduates leave our school prepared to have a deep and meaningful impact on the world for Christ.

Academic Rigor

MAK’s middle school program combines high academic standards with creative instruction and personal attention from our teachers. In addition to all of the standard academic courses, our middle school doubles the standard daily language arts requirements from 45 to 90 minutes each day. Our fully certified staff promotes learning through dynamic projects such as radio drama in English, documentary-style films in social studies, and engaging labs in science. New students at MAK find the learning environment to be both highly challenging and very collaborative.

Character Development & Service Learning

Also essential to the MAK middle school is an emphasis on character development and service-learning. Our counseling office recognizes that students encounter many social and emotional challenges in the middle school years, and each year students are equipped to deal with these challenges through our guidance program. Middle school students are also well supplied with opportunities to develop their character through six service-learning trips per year, our 30-hour famine to raise money for the children each class sponsors, Spiritual Emphasis Week, Bible class, and weekly chapels.

Exploratory Courses

Many MAK secondary students see school as rungs to climb on the ladder to success rather than an opportunity to create and personally grow. Moreover, many MAK secondary students are averse to risk, routinely choosing the safe, high-grade option over the risky or creative high-learning option. But the best learning often comes through trial-and-error. Additionally, many of our students see collaboration as a burden to efficiency rather than an opportunity for new ideas. We hope that in gearing exploratory courses toward creative outlets that are about the process of learning, we can foster this change in mindset.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

The MAK middle school values learning outside of the standard classroom environment. In addition to the various learning experiences offered in electives and extracurriculars, MAK students participate in such dynamic events as the seventh-grade culture trip. On this trip, seventh graders travel outside of the Kaohsiung area to learn more about Taiwan. Additionally, the school widely participates in and often hosts the World Scholar’s Cup program. Through this program, students learn about a global theme through a wide variety of subjects, ultimately participating in regional and international debate and writing tournaments.