September 27, 2023


2023-24 School Calendar 學校日曆

MAK Events Calendar 學校活動日曆

9/28 Half Day – School starts at 8:00am. Dismissal at 11:30am (Professional Learning Day)
早上8點上課. 11點半下課 – 學生上半天 (教職員訓練)

9/29 No School – Moon Festival Vacation

10/4 Q1 Ends

10/5-6 No School (PL Days)
學生放假 (教職員訓練)

10/9-13 Fall Break

10/16 Q2 Begins

10/20 Parent Teacher Conferences

10/21 High School Fall Banquet

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

I am writing this email to inform you that Morrison Academy will have a half day tomorrow on Thursday, September 28th, 2023, for teachers’ professional learning.  The school will be dismissed at 11:30 AM, with the school buses leaving at 11:45 AM.  There will be no lunch during this half day.  This is a system-wide Professional Learning day for all teachers to meet, receive training, and learn from each other. 

Due to the half day falling on a Thursday, MAK will NOT have a late start.  Instead, classes will start at 8:00 am.  The school bus schedule will be adjusted to ensure students are on time for the 8:00 am class start time.  Thank you for understanding and making the adjustments to this change.   


Dr. Kim


高雄馬禮遜美國學校將於 2023 年 9 月 28 日(星期四)下半天的時間進行教師專業教育培訓。因此,學校當天將於上午11:30 放學,而校車於上午 11:45 出發。學校當天將不會提供中餐。這是全體馬禮遜學校系統的專業教育培訓日,讓所有教師會集、接受培訓,並互相觀摩、學習。

由於星期四只有半天的上課時間,校方決定將當天上課時間調整到上午 8:00 開始,不會延遲開始。校車接送時刻表也將進行調整,以確保學生可以準時到校。


校長 金德民博士


Q1 Parent Teacher Conference 第一季親師座談會

Dear Parents,

The Quarter 1 Parent Teacher Conferences will be held in-person on Friday, October 20, 2023.  

Once again, we are providing online sign-up forms so each of you can sign up for a time slot most convenient for you to speak to teachers.  

These appointments are entirely voluntary.  If parents do not feel the need to speak to a teacher, there is no obligation to make an appointment. Sign-ups will be available & emailed to parents on Wednesday, October 4 at 8:00am, and will be closed at 8:00am on Wednesday, October 18.

Babysitting will NOT be provided. If students choose to come, they must be with parents at all times. At the end of the scheduled conferences, parents may visit the MPR to view the Art Exhibition.

Since we have limited Chinese speaking staff, parents are encouraged to bring their own translators for the conferences, or contact to schedule a student translator.


我們將再次採取線上報名,以便您可以預約一個最方便與老師交談的時間。 親師座談會完全是自發的,如果您覺得沒有必要與老師交談,則毋須預約。




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Just a reminder that tomorrow is a Christian Service Learning (CSL) 1/2 Day with no delayed start.  Our school day will start at 8 am.  No backpacks are needed; just bring your water bottle with you.  When you arrive, please meet in these rooms for attendance:

6th Grade – MS1

7th Grade – MS2

8th Grade – MS3

This is a service learning trip, which means we will be going to Meinong Elementary School to serve the students!  You will be paired up with a student from that school and that will be your buddy for the whole morning.  Please get to know your buddy during this time!  In later years we will go back to this same school and so it’ll be fun for you to return and see your old buddies!

Also, although these days are fun off-campus days, all school policies and procedures apply.  This means no cell phones during the bus ride and our dress code still applies.  In addition to our school dress code, please no skirts, opened-toed shoes, or Crocs.

We will return to MAK before the end of the 1/2 day at 11:30.  Buses will be dismissed at 11:45.  Then go enjoy your Moon Festival Mini-Break!

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Ticket Price
Early Bird (By 10/4): 499 N
Regular Ticket: 599 NT
Staff: 499 NT
Other Campus: 999 NT

Not only will this event be a time of joy and fun, you will also have chances of earning your class some juicy, tender, and succulent class points! We will be rewarding classes with the highest proposal rates class points (7, 5, 3, 1)! On top of this, there is going to be a bonus challenge in 3 categories:

– Most Creative Proposal
– Funniest Proposal
– Best Poster

The winner of each category will get a FREE TEA from StuCo!!! The winner will also earn their class +1 class point but that’s besides the point.

10/4 Varsity Volleyball vs ICA @ ICA 4:00pm
Varsity Boys Soccer vs ICA @ ICA 4:00pm

10/14 TISSA Tennis Invitational

10/17 G7 & 8 Girls vs KAS @MAK 3:30pm

10/19 JV Girls Volleyball vs KAS @ MAK 4:00pm

10/23 Varsity Girls Volleyball & Varsity Boys Soccer vs KAS @ KAS 4:00pm

10/24 JV Girls Volleyball vs AST @ AST at 4:00pm

10/25-28 ACSC Swim Meet @ Faith Academy, Manila, The Philippines 

10/26 Varsity Boys Soccer vs IIS @ IIS at 3:45pm

10/27 Varsity Girls Volleyball vs IIS @ MAK at 4:00pm
JV Girls Volleyball vs IIS @ IIS at 3:30pm


At MAK, we are committed to serving you and your family and hold a high priority on communication. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school by phone (07-356-1190) during our office hours (Monday – Friday from 7:30am – 4:00pm). You may also contact our MAK staff members by email. 


學校非常重視與家長們之間的溝通,且致力服務您以及您的家人。如果您有任何的問題,請在辦公時間(週一至週五,早上7:30到下午4:00)直接致電學校辦公室 (07-356-1190)或電郵以下教職人員:

(General Inquiries 一般查詢)
Dr. Dan Kim
Mr. Ashburn Chen
Bus Coordinator/校車協調員
07-356-1190 ext. 62
Armaine Heraldo
Health Coordinator/校護
07-356-1190 ext. 10
Angela Chu
07-356-1190 ext. 14
Joyce Lee
Admin. Assistant/秘書
07-356-1190 ext. 13
Elisa Luk
Admin. Assistant/秘書
07-356-1190 ext. 17
Connie Chang
07-356-1190 ext. 15
Bill Lin
General Manager/總務主任
07-356-1190 ext. 25
Karen Pai
Public Relations/公關經理
David Lee
Elementary Team Leader/小學部長
Michael Chan
Middle School Team Leader/中學部長
EMS Counselor/中小學輔導主任
Wade West
High School Team Leader/高中部長
Matt Newkirk
High School Counselor/高中輔導主任
Kate Shaffner
Library Media Specialist圖書館媒體專任老師
07-356-1190 ext. 49

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