May 18, 2023


2022-23 School Calendar

2023-24 School Calendar

MAK Events Calendar

5/18 Secondary Spring Concert
ASA Ends

5/15-6/1 School buses leave at 3:25pm everyday

5/20-21 No Activity Weekend

5/25 HS Awards

5/26 Combined Chapel

5/27 HS Commencement

6/1 5th & 8th Grade Graduation

6/2 Q4/S2 Ends
Buses leave at 11:45am

Senior Commencement  2023 高中畢業典禮

The 2023 Commencement Ceremony will take place on Saturday, May 27, beginning at 3:00pm in the MPR. All students and parents are invited to join!


Dear Parents,

Thanks for your support to ASA this year. Today, May 18th, is the last day of ASA this year. So please note that starting from next week (5/22-26), the bus will leave at 3:25 EVERYDAY, please arrange your schedule accordingly if you’d like to pick up your kid. 

The Sign-up schedule for next school year is listed below for your reference. Please save the dates in your calendar to avoid missing the chance. 

Aug. 14  ASA Description sent out

Aug. 15-17 ASA Sign-up

Aug. 18 Changing class if needed. 

Aug. 22 ASA starts

Thanks again for your support and kindness! Enjoy your summer break!




Aug. 14  寄出ASA課程簡章

Aug. 15-17 報名ASA 

Aug. 18 換班申請(若有需求者,可於該日提出)

Aug. 22 ASA 開始上課



Fall 2023-24 Semester Tuition Statement

Dear parents,

A paper copy of the Fall 2023-24 semester tuition statement was mailed to you on May 1st. If you selected the paperless option in your registration form in PowerSchool, you will not receive a bill in the mail. To pay by Taiwan credit card, you may go directly to the following website: or see the bill for other payment methods. Please complete the payment by May 19th, 2023.

If you have any questions regarding the Fall 2023-24 semester tuition statement or would like to make any changes to the milk and lunch program, please email


我們在5月1日已經寄出了紙本2023-24秋季學費帳單給您。如果您在PowerSchool的註冊表單中選擇不要紙本帳單,您將不會另外收到紙本帳單。如欲使用台灣銀行發行的信用卡繳費, 可以直接點選網址 進行繳費。其他繳費方法請看學費單下方的“Payment Methods”。2023-24秋學費帳單截止日為2023年5月19日。


All students must clear their library accounts by this Friday, May 12th. Clearing their library account means that they must turn in all books checked out to them and pay all the fines on their account. A notice with overdue books listed has already been sent home to students. Please check at home to see if there are any library books that need to be returned. Students who have cleared their accounts may continue to check out books from the library until the end of the semester. During the last week of school, returning students may also check out books for the summer. Those books can be returned at the beginning of the school year. 

This Friday is Elementary’s last Chapel of the year! We are so thankful for all the learning, growth, and fun that happened during Chapel this year as we dug into God’s Word and learned about the Fruit of the Spirit in songs, activities, skits, and games! To celebrate, we will be doing a fun review game and having a fruit themed party this Friday! If you are able, feel free to contribute to our party by sending items for your child’s grade. Thank you in advance for participating and we look forward to celebrating with your child! 

GK – Bananas
G1 – Apples
G2 – Fruit jelly packs
G3 – Fruit gummies or candies
G4 – Fruit flavored cookies or wafers
G5 – Juice boxes


JV Boys Volleyball

Congratulations to your MAK Sharks JV Boys Volleyball team – TISSA TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONS!!! On Saturday, May 6, 8 TISSA schools gathered at MAK as we hosted the JV Boys Volleyball Tournament. It was a scorching hot day! Bravo to the few athletes who had to compete outdoors! Your MAK Sharks team started off the day with a 1st round victory against KSS 2-0 (25-23, 25-11) in the heat. They were able to move into the gym for the semi-finals. It was a pulse-pounding, exciting affair against KAS. Parents and fans from both schools were present in the Shark Tank for this excruciatingly close battle between quality teams that respected each other. Your Sharks triumphed 2-1 (25-22, 22-25, 17-15). Despite entering as the South’s 4th seed, IIS battled through their first two games to take on MAK in the Championship. Once again, your Sharks battled through intense action, rescuing themselves from the jaws of defeat to win 2-0 (25-19, 28-26). Way to go, Sharks! What a tournament and what a season!

Varsity Boys Volleyball

On Saturday, May 6, your MAK Varsity Boys Volleyball team made the short trip to I-Shou for their end of season TISSA tournament. Facing off first against MAT, the Sharks battled through a slow start, but by the time they found their rhythm it was too late to come back against the Broncos as they lost 3-1. In the consolation game against AAIA, your Sharks finished their season on a positive note, winning 3-1 to take 5th place at the tournament. Great job, Sharks!

Varsity Girls Soccer

The young, overachieving Varsity Girls’ soccer team traveled to MAT on Saturday, May 6 for their end of season TISSA tournament. In the first round, MAK defeated ICA 8-0 behind a hat trick from Sophie Tsai and a brace from both Riley Newkirk and Phoebe Liou. In the semi-finals, the Sharks fought so hard against a much older and much bigger MAT side, but ultimately fell 1-2. The Sharks dropped their final game against the Mustangs 1-4 to finish 4th place. We are so proud of these amazing women and what they accomplished this season! Great work!


Dear Middle School and High School Parents and Guardians,

Students are excitedly preparing for the Spring concert TODAY, May 18th.  The concert performance time will be from 3:15 pm to 4:15 pm in MPR.  School buses will be departing at 4:25 pm. If you are bringing your child home, please sign them out on our bus sign out form. Please mark your calendar for this special event!

Here are a few announcements:

  1. After the concert, please remember to sign out at the front office if you will not be riding the bus. School buses will depart at 4:25 pm.

2. Parents attending the concert must park along Jiacheng Road and enter the school using the elementary entrance

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Ms. Mai (, Ms. Pan ( or Mr. Taylor ( We look forward to seeing you!

Thank you,
Ms. Mai, Ms. Pan and Mr. Taylor

Private Music Lessons Registration for the 2023-2024 school year begins now! 

Private lessons at MAK are available to all students (both elementary and secondary).  Lessons are scheduled once a week for 30 minutes and will begin a week after the start of the semester. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to receive one-on-one music instruction during school hours. Students enrolled in music lessons are encouraged to perform at school concerts and activities. 

  1. Lesson Scheduling:

Regarding scheduling, private lessons are usually scheduled during recess, PE, Mandarin, library, and quiet reading time. You may indicate in the sign-up form if you have a preferred lesson time; classroom teachers and music teachers will find a time that’s most appropriate to schedule each student’s music lesson. However, all private lesson schedules are not finalized until the principal’s approval. Please note that private lessons are not available during ASA hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Students are welcome to join the strings orchestra or band during ASA hours.

  1. Choices of instruments: 
  1. Piano
  2. String instruments (violin, viola, cello)
  3. Loog Guitar, Ukulele, and Guitar (for upper ES and above) 
  4. Recorder, Shining Piper (plastic mini flute), and Nuvo instruments
  5. Band instruments (flute, clarinet, trumpet, saxophone, trombone, baritone, and tuba) *Students younger than 3rd grade are not advised to start on regular band instruments because of physical size. Please sign up to learn the recorder, Shining Piper or Nuvo instruments instead.
  1. Absences

Please notify your music teacher a week in advance if your child will be absent. However, only absences due to test-taking, illness, or family emergencies will be made-up. Lessons missed due to personal reasons will not be made-up or refunded.

  1. Lesson Fee

We guarantee up to 15 lessons per semester at the cost of  7,895 NT per semester. The fee is not refundable if students choose to withdraw from private lessons after the first lesson has been scheduled. Please do not send money with your child to school. You will receive a bill shortly after the private lesson scheduling is finalized. 

  1. Instrument Rental Fee:

The fee for instrument rental is 1,200 NT per semester. 

The following instruments are not available for rental and students will be required to purchase their own: Loog guitar, guitar, recorder, ukulele, and Nuvo instruments.

To sign-up for lessons in the new school year, please click on the links below:

Ms. Pan (潘老師)

Ms. Mai (麥老師)

For questions related to learning string instruments or piano, 

please contact Ms. Mai

For questions related to learning band instruments or piano, 

please contact Ms. Pan



  1. 個別課時間的安排:

個別課通常會安排在下課、體育、中文、圖書館和班級閱讀時間,您可在報名表下方的備註欄寫下您希望的上課時間,班級導師將與音樂老師一同安排最理想的上課時間,最後再由校長審核。(備註:個別課無法安排在星期二和星期四的ASA課後活動時間 ; 學生歡迎於ASA時間參加學校管樂團或弦樂團)

  1. 學校提供以下樂器教學:
    1. 鋼琴
    2. 弦樂 : 小提琴、中提琴、大提琴
    3. Loog 兒童吉他、吉他(高年級以上學生)烏克麗麗、或 Nuvo 樂器
    4. 管樂器: 長笛, 單簧管, 薩克斯風, 小號, 長號

*低年級學生因身高和體能有限,不宜選修管樂器,若對管樂器有興趣建議先學習直笛、響笛(迷你膠管長笛)或是Nuvo 樂器

  1. 學生因生病、緊急狀況或課堂考試請假, 音樂老師將會再安排時間補課。若學生因個人因素請假將不予補課或退費;請假請於一週前聯絡老師。
  1. 每學期上課的費用 (共15堂課) 為7,895元



  1. 學校租借樂器的費用為每學期1,200元 ; Loog 吉他、吉他、烏克麗麗、直笛、響笛以及 Nuvo 樂器 則無法租借,請自行準備。




Ms. Pan (潘老師)

Ms. Mai (麥老師)

The tenth issue of Shark Review, MAK’s literary magazine, is out! This year, our theme was “Current,” and we’ve had wonderful submissions from K-12 and staff!

Featuring works by:

Kindergarten: Andy Chu, Evan Chuang, Sophia Chung, Lillian Hsu, Matt Yue

Grade 2: Beverly Huang, Leilani Stowers, Martin Chiang, Lydia Chiu, Caleb Feng, Daphne Hsu, Gabriel Lee, Zoey Tsai, Ryder Wu

Grade 3: Tina Chen, Cindy Chiu, Christopher Hsu, Kyle Hsu, Evan Hsu, Amber Li, Meika Sai, Aurora Tien

Grade 4: Connie Hsing, Fitzroy Pan, Elizabeth Tsai

Grade 5: Milla Lin

Middle School: Hajun Park, Sophie Deschberger

High School: Michelle Huang, Shannon Lee, Hajun Park, Anna Shaffner, Joia Tan, Huan Lin, Audrey Wang, Marianne Wang, Abby Janssen, Celine Kung, Amy Tai, Mikayla Tam, Claire Yang, Hope Yang, Samuel Yang, James Lei,

Staff: Mier Beja, Candace Brown, Paul Liao 

A huge thank you to all writers and NEHS members for making this possible! 

Last Thursday, May 11, we also had awesome poetry readings during our release party. Thank you to everyone who showed up!

Grab a physical copy around school or read the works of our student body here at the Shark Review website:

You can also follow NEHS on our instagram: @mak.nehs

Congrats Madeline G9 for placing 1st in a roller blading competition!

Congrats Belinda G5 for placing 2nd in the Mental Math competition!


At MAK, we are committed to serving you and your family and hold a high priority on communication. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school by phone (07-356-1190) during our office hours (Monday – Friday from 7:30am – 4:00pm). You may also contact our MAK staff members by email. 


學校非常重視與家長們之間的溝通,且致力服務您以及您的家人。如果您有任何的問題,請在辦公時間(週一至週五,早上7:30到下午4:00)直接致電學校辦公室 (07-356-1190)或電郵以下教職人員:

(General Inquiries 一般查詢)
Dr. Dan Kim
I-Lan Liu
Health Coordinator/健康協調者 ext. 10
Angela Chu
Admissions/入學組助理 ext. 14
Joyce Lee
Admin. Assistant/秘書 ext. 13
Wynne Luk
Admin. Assistant/秘書 ext. 17
Connie Chang
Cashier/出納 ext. 15
Bill Lin
General Manager/總務主任 ext. 25
Krystine Tan
Public Relations/公關經理
David Lee
Elementary Team Leader/小學部長
Michael Chan
Middle School Team Leader/中學部長
EMS Counselor/中小學輔導主任
Wade West
High School Team Leader/高中部長
Matt Newkirk
High School Counselor/高中輔導主任
Christina Stowers
Library Media Specialist圖書館媒體專任老師 ext. 49

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