March 23, 2023


School Calendar

MAK Events Calendar

3/24 No School, Parent Teacher Conferences

3/25 Talent Show

3/27 Coffee with the Principal, PAC Meeting

3/30 ES Spring Concert @ 3:20-4:15pm

3/31 PL Half Day (11:30am dismissal)

4/3-7 Easter Vacation

4/28 Middle School Festival

Dear Parents,

You are invited to re-register your child’s enrollment for the 2023-24 academic year. If you do not plan to return to Morrison next semester, please complete the withdrawal form which can also be located in PowerSchool.

For your returning child, please 1) pay the fee before March 24, 2023, and 2) log on to PowerSchool to complete your child’s enrollment for 2023-24. You must complete both steps before March 24, 2023, to secure your child’s spot for next semester.

Power School

Credit Card payment link

An electronic registration bill was sent to your email address, and a physical copy has been sent out in the mail on March 6th. If you have selected the paperless billing option, you will NOT receive a physical copy of your registration bill in the mail.

Please note that the Registration Form in PowerSchool is only available on the web and NOT on the APP. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Feel free to consult our tutorial on How to Register in PowerSchool here

If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call at (07) 356-1190 extension 15.

Thank you,



下學期繼續在馬禮遜就讀的子女,請您 1)於112年3月24日前完成註冊費繳費,並且 2)登入Power School 完成填寫2023-24年註冊表單。為了保留您的孩子下學期的位子,請您於112年3月24日前完成上述兩個步驟。

Power School





如果有其他問題,請您致電 (07) 356-1190 分機 15


Q3 Parent Teacher Conference 第三季親師座談會

Parent Teacher Conferences will be held TOMORROW, Friday, March 23, 2023. Babysitting will NOT be provided. If students choose to come, they must be with parents at all times. At the end of the scheduled conferences, parents may visit the MPR to view the Art Exhibition.

Since we have limited Chinese speaking staff, parents are encouraged to bring their own translators for the conferences, or contact to schedule a student translator.



Dear Parents and Guardians, 

In efforts to increase the school’s family-school partnership, MAK welcomes you to Coffee with the Principal.  Coffee with the Principal is a time for parents to hear about instructional programs, learn strategies to assist their children, and ask questions that will positively impact student academic achievement.  Each session is designed to hear from the Principal and other MAK staff members.  This is also a great opportunity to meet other parents and share in celebrating the school’s progress.  Coffee and light snacks will be provided.  

Coffee with the Principal will be on Monday, March 27th, from 8 am to 9:15 am.  When arriving, please park your vehicles along Jiacheng Road and report to the office. 


8:00 AM-9:15 AM

Garden Conference Room


為了優化學校與家長之間的夥伴關係,MAK歡迎您與校長一起喝咖啡。「與校長一起喝咖啡」的活動是為了讓家長們能更進一步的了解本校之教學計畫、學習如何幫助孩子及提問關於學生學業成績的相關問題。每次聚會旨在聽取校長和其他 MAK 教職員工的意見,藉著這機會與家長們互相交流,並一同慶祝學校的卓越成就。本校將會提供咖啡和小點心。

「與校長一起喝咖啡」將於 3 月 27 日(星期一)上午 8 點至 9:15 分在花園教室」舉行。


2022-2023 MAK Annual Fund

Dear MAK Parents and Guardians,

The Annual Fund is an exciting time when we can come together as a community to enhance our students’ learning experience and environment.  By working together, the Annual Fund is an opportunity for our community to give generously and take ownership of the school facilities.  

Our goal for this year’s Annual Fund is to raise 1,000,000 NT with a 100% participation rate from Monday, February 6th through Friday, April 28th, 2023.  We hope everyone can maximize this opportunity to “MAKe a Difference” for our school.  The Annual Fund will renovate and update the Covered Play Area (CPA).

In renovating the CPA, the goal will be to make the space more usable and functional by adding the following: 

  1. New acrylic athletic surface for P.E., ASA, MS/HS athletics (i.e., significantly less dust)
  2. Storage for P.E. Equipment 
  3. Audio and visual improvements for chapel and staff orientations
  4. “And More”

Please pray and consider how you would like to contribute to this year’s Annual Fund.  We appreciate all and any contributions made by our community.  If you have any questions about giving to the Annual Fund, or if you need a donation reciept, please contact the school’s cashier, Ms. Connie Chang

Thank you for your generous support – Let’s Go, Sharks!


Dr. Kim

2022-23 年度基金計畫


我們今年的年度基金計劃目標是希望能在2月6日(一)到4月28日(五)期間,募得新台幣一百萬元整。我們期盼每個人都能好好利用這個機會,為我們學校“MAKe a Difference”。將使用年度基金來裝潢及改善 Covered Play Area (CPA)。


  1. 體育館(CPA)將換新地板給體育課, ASA, 國高中 (像減少灰塵)
  2. 收納體育器材
  3. 學校做禮拜還有老師會議場所的視聽改善


感謝您的慷慨支持!拼了! Sharks!

校長 金德民 教育博士  敬謝



Dr. Kim

Click Here to Give!


High School Upcoming Games

JV Boys Vball vs ICA @ ICA 4:00pm
Varsity Boys Vball vs ICA @ ICA 4:00pm
Varsity Girls Soccer vs ICA @ ICA 4:00pm

Varsity Boys Vball vs IShou Applied English Dept @ MAK 3:45pm

JV Boys Vball vs AST @ MAK 4:30pm

JV Boys Vball vs Ying Hai @ MAK 3:45pm

JV Boys Vball vs AST @ AST 4:00pm

JV Boys Vball vs ICA @ MAK 3:45pm
Varsity Boys Vball vs ICA @ MAK 3:45pm
Varsity Girls Soccer vs ICA @ MAK 3:45pm

Varsity Girls Soccer vs KAS @ 4:00pm

Varsity Boys Vball vs IIS @ MAK 3:45pm

JV Boys Vball vs KAS @ KAS 3:45pm

JV Boys Vball vs MAC @ MAC 4:15pm
Varsity Boys Vball vs MAC @ MAC 4:15pm

Middle School Upcoming Games

G6 Girls vs KAS @ KAS
G7 Girls vs KAS @ KAS
G8 Girls vs KAS @ KAS

G6 Boys vs KAS @ MAK
G7 Boys vs KAS @ MAK
G8 Boys vs KAS @ MAK

G8 Boys vs IIS @ MAK

MS Basketball Exchange @ MAC

Dear Elementary Parents and Guardians,

Students are excitedly preparing for the Spring concert coming up on Thursday, March 30th.  The concert performance time will be from 3:00 pm to 4:15 pm in MPR.  School buses will be departing at 4:25 as usual. Students will be singing and playing various instruments on the concert day. Please mark your calendar for this special event!

Here are a few announcements:

For the concert dress code, plan on wearing something blue, yellow, greenpink, or white. → Click here to see photos from the previous concerts for reference. 

There’s no specific requirement of clothing style, but students should keep the following guidelines in mind when picking their spring concert attire:

  • Wear spring colored tops
  • Wear long pants
  • Wear knee-length skirts or dresses
  • Wear closed-toes shoes 

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Ms. Mai ( or Ms. Pan (

Thank you,

Ms. Mai and Ms. Pan

University Visits Spring 2023

University of British Columbia April 10 9-10am

University of California Davis April 12 9:30-10:15am

University of Calgary April 14 11:40am

College Fair April 20 9:15-10:15am

University of Cambridge (UK) April 24, 12:30pm

Hi Everyone, 

This year’s talent show is happening this Saturday 3/25, if you haven’t already, you can get ticket forms at the office or you can also purchase tickets on the day of the show. 

Also, we will be hosting a raffle during the show! Raffle tickets will be 100 nt each, you can pre-order them here. They will also be available on the day of the show. We have a variety of awesome prizes including an Apple HomePod, a Nintendo Switch and more!

Excited to see everyone this Saturday!


今年的才藝表演將於本週六 3 月 25 日舉行,如果您還沒有,您可以在辦公室拿門票表格,或者您也可以在演出當天購買門票。
此外,我們將在演出期間舉辦抽獎活動! 抽獎券每張 100 元,您可以在這裡預訂。 我們也將在演出當天提供抽獎券。 我們有各種超棒的獎品,包括 Apple HomePod、Nintendo Switch 等等!


Madeline G9 participated in the President Cup National Skating Championship this past Sunday and placed FIRST! Click here to watch the video. She will have another competition at the FIRS Kaohsiung Roller Skating Arena on 4/30, everyone is welcome to come and watch the wonderful performances! 


At MAK, we are committed to serving you and your family and hold a high priority on communication. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school by phone (07-356-1190) during our office hours (Monday – Friday from 7:30am – 4:00pm). You may also contact our MAK staff members by email. 


學校非常重視與家長們之間的溝通,且致力服務您以及您的家人。如果您有任何的問題,請在辦公時間(週一至週五,早上7:30到下午4:00)直接致電學校辦公室 (07-356-1190)或電郵以下教職人員:

(General Inquiries 一般查詢)
Dr. Dan Kim
I-Lan Liu
Health Coordinator/健康協調者
Angela Chu
Joyce Lee
Admin. Assistant/秘書
Wynne Luk
Admin. Assistant/秘書
Connie Chang
Bill Lin
General Manager/總務主任
Krystine Tan
Public Relations/公關經理
David Lee
Elementary Team Leader/小學部長
Michael Chan
Middle School Team Leader/中學部長
EMS Counselor/中小學輔導主任
Wade West
High School Team Leader/高中部長
Matt Newkirk
High School Counselor/高中輔導主任
Christina Stowers
Library Media Specialist圖書館媒體專任老師

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