April 27, 2023


2022-23 School Calendar

2023-24 School Calendar

MAK Events Calendar

4/28 Middle School Festival

4/29 Junior/Senior Prom

5/18 Secondary Spring Concert
ASA Ends

5/20-21 No Activity Weekend

5/25 HS Awards

5/26 Combined Chapel

5/27 HS Commencement

6/1 5th & 8th Grade Graduation

6/2 Q4/S2 Ends



Dear Parents and Guardians,

People are reported to have died by drowning or accidentally falling into the water in separate incidents around Taiwan. Water safety and self-rescue skills should be established from an early age. Parents can reduce the risks by actively supervising their children around water at all times, enrolling them in swimming lessons and taking precautions to reduce the risk of drowning around their home by restricting their access to water.

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are grateful and relieved that Morrison Academy Kaohsiung (MAK) has passed through the challenges of COVID-19 over the last 3 years.  Indeed, we thank God for His provision and protection as we navigated Covid-19 together.  Thank you for your ongoing support, cooperation, and patience. 

As always, MAK will continue to follow and implement the government guidelines in accordance with the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) to ensure the safety of students and staff members.  For this reason, effective Monday, April 17th, 2023, in accordance with the CECC and Kaohsiung City Education Department, new guidelines will be implemented at MAK.  

Individuals (e.g., staff and students) testing positive for COVID-19 who experience mild or no symptoms will do the following:

  1. Parents, guardians, and staff are no longer required to report their child’s positive tests to the school. 
  2. Advised to stay home for 5 days, following the “0+N Self-Health Management scheme.”  
  3. Students and staff are advised to wear a mask at all times when returning to school.  

Moving forward, MAK Office will no longer send confirmed case email notifications to parents, guardians, and students.  However, if anyone needs a rapid test kit, please feel free to contact Mrs. I-Lan Liu or stop by the Health Clinic during school hours.


在此為過去3年高雄馬禮遜 (MAK) 社群協力度過疫情獻上感恩。感謝上帝繼續帶領著我們,平安度過疫情。也謝謝您一直以來支持、配合及耐心。

本校將持續依據政府相關部門所發布之防疫政策調整校園防疫措施,以確保教職員工生的安全。根據中央流行疫情指揮中心與高雄市教育局最新公告,自 112 年 4 月 17 日(星期一)起,本校將配合實行以下防疫政策。

COVID-19 篩檢陽性之輕症及無症狀者:

  1. 家長及監護人無需向學校通報確診。
  2. 建議 0 日及次日起 5 日以內在家進行「自主健康管理」。
  3. 到校上課時請全程配戴口罩。



Dr. Kim

The Morrison Middle School Festival Day is coming soon on Friday, April 28!  All middle school students from all four Morrison campuses will be attending this event on the Taichung campus. This event will combine the rehearsal and performance of the music classes with a day of innovative, hands-on sessions and fellowship with students from other campuses.   

This day will last from 9 am to 4:00 pm in Taichung.

Your child will need to bring/wear the following on April 28th:

  1. MS Festival T-shirt
  2. Applicable instruments and music 
  3. Jeans or school-appropriate shorts and tennis shoes (no flip-flops)  
  4. Water bottle
  5. Extra snacks (only if needed; lunch is provided)

Parents are welcome to attend the 2:00 pm concert in the auditorium at MAC.  

T-Shirt Order 2023

We are excited to share our very first Elementary School t-shirt! The front is designed by some of our Fifth Grade students and the back includes signatures of all the students. The shirt color will be red.


This t-shirt is available in the following sizes:

Child: S, M, L

Adult: S, M, L, XL

Please use this form to order the ES t-shirt. The order is due by Friday, April 28, 2023 at noon. All payments must be received by April 28, 2023 by the end of the school day. If no payment is received, your order will be canceled. The cost per shirt is 300NT.

Your child will receive the ordered t-shirts during the week of May 15, 2023.

If you have any questions, please contact Linda Krause at linda.krause@ma.org.tw

High School Upcoming Games

JV Boys Vball vs MAC @ MAC 4:15pm
Varsity Boys Vball vs MAC @ MAC 4:15pm
Varsity Girls Soccer vs MAC @ MAC 4:15pm

JV Boys Vball @ MAK
Varsity Boys Vball @ IIS
Varsity Girls Soccer @ MAT

Middle School Upcoming Games

6th boys vs IIS @ MAK
7th boys vs IIS @ MAK

MS Basketball Tournament

G6 Girls @ MACG7 Girls @MATG8 Girls @KAS
G6 Boys @ MACG7 Boys @TES (DIS)G8 Boys @IIS

Dear Parents,

The middle school festival is coming up this Friday!

★ Concert 

We would like to invite parents of the middle school strings, band, and choir students to come to the festival concert at Morrison Taichung. The concert will start at 2pm in the auditorium.

★ Transportation

The bus schedule is as follows:

April 28th Morning, Heading to Taichung 

  • 5:45 am MAK school gate will be opened, drop off your kid at MAK
  • 6:00 am Bus leaves MAK
  • 6:30 am Bus arrives at Tainan Carrefour and picks up Tainan students
  • 8:45 am arriving MAC 

April 28th Afternoon, Returning to Kaohsiung

  • 3:45 pm MS Festival Ends
  • 4:00 pm Bus departs MAC
  • 6:15 pm Bus arrives at Tainan Carrefour and drops off Tainan students
  • 6:45 pm arriving MAK 

Dress Code

All students must wear the middle school festival T-shirts on April 28th. 

Students are allowed to wear tennis shoes or  shoes that you would normally wear to PE classes. 

Music students, please prepare long-dark pants to change into before the concert. You may wear shorts during the day.

★ SchedulePlease click and read the festival schedule. The event will start at MAC at 9 am and conclude at 3:45 pm. The buses have been arranged and we’ll have to leave pretty early to ensure we get to MAC in time. Both ways we will stop at a rest stop so that students may stretch their legs, use the bathroom, and buy snacks/food. 


Choir Teacher: Mr. Taylor james.taylor@ma.org.tw

Band Teacher: Ms. Pan chia.yin@ma.org.tw

Strings Teacher: Ms. Mai jojo.mai@ma.org.tw

Private Music Lessons Registration for the 2023-2024 school year begins now! 

Private lessons at MAK are available to all students (both elementary and secondary).  Lessons are scheduled once a week for 30 minutes and will begin a week after the start of the semester. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to receive one-on-one music instruction during school hours. Students enrolled in music lessons are encouraged to perform at school concerts and activities. 

  1. Lesson Scheduling:

Regarding scheduling, private lessons are usually scheduled during recess, PE, Mandarin, library, and quiet reading time. You may indicate in the sign-up form if you have a preferred lesson time; classroom teachers and music teachers will find a time that’s most appropriate to schedule each student’s music lesson. However, all private lesson schedules are not finalized until the principal’s approval. Please note that private lessons are not available during ASA hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Students are welcome to join the strings orchestra or band during ASA hours.

  1. Choices of instruments: 
  1. Piano
  2. String instruments (violin, viola, cello)
  3. Loog Guitar, Ukulele, and Guitar (for upper ES and above) 
  4. Recorder, Shining Piper (plastic mini flute), and Nuvo instruments
  5. Band instruments (flute, clarinet, trumpet, saxophone, trombone, baritone, and tuba) *Students younger than 3rd grade are not advised to start on regular band instruments because of physical size. Please sign up to learn the recorder, Shining Piper or Nuvo instruments instead.
  1. Absences

Please notify your music teacher a week in advance if your child will be absent. However, only absences due to test-taking, illness, or family emergencies will be made-up. Lessons missed due to personal reasons will not be made-up or refunded.

  1. Lesson Fee

We guarantee up to 15 lessons per semester at the cost of  7,895 NT per semester. The fee is not refundable if students choose to withdraw from private lessons after the first lesson has been scheduled. Please do not send money with your child to school. You will receive a bill shortly after the private lesson scheduling is finalized. 

  1. Instrument Rental Fee:

The fee for instrument rental is 1,200 NT per semester. 

The following instruments are not available for rental and students will be required to purchase their own: Loog guitar, guitar, recorder, ukulele, and Nuvo instruments.

To sign-up for lessons in the new school year, please click on the links below:

Ms. Pan (潘老師)

Ms. Mai (麥老師)

For questions related to learning string instruments or piano, 

please contact Ms. Mai jojo.mai@ma.org.tw

For questions related to learning band instruments or piano, 

please contact Ms. Pan chiayin.pan@ma.org.tw



  1. 個別課時間的安排:

個別課通常會安排在下課、體育、中文、圖書館和班級閱讀時間,您可在報名表下方的備註欄寫下您希望的上課時間,班級導師將與音樂老師一同安排最理想的上課時間,最後再由校長審核。(備註:個別課無法安排在星期二和星期四的ASA課後活動時間 ; 學生歡迎於ASA時間參加學校管樂團或弦樂團)

  1. 學校提供以下樂器教學:
    1. 鋼琴
    2. 弦樂 : 小提琴、中提琴、大提琴
    3. Loog 兒童吉他、吉他(高年級以上學生)烏克麗麗、或 Nuvo 樂器
    4. 管樂器: 長笛, 單簧管, 薩克斯風, 小號, 長號

*低年級學生因身高和體能有限,不宜選修管樂器,若對管樂器有興趣建議先學習直笛、響笛(迷你膠管長笛)或是Nuvo 樂器

  1. 學生因生病、緊急狀況或課堂考試請假, 音樂老師將會再安排時間補課。若學生因個人因素請假將不予補課或退費;請假請於一週前聯絡老師。
  1. 每學期上課的費用 (共15堂課) 為7,895元



  1. 學校租借樂器的費用為每學期1,200元 ; Loog 吉他、吉他、烏克麗麗、直笛、響笛以及 Nuvo 樂器 則無法租借,請自行準備。

管樂課程相關問題,歡迎聯繫潘老師 chiayin.pan@ma.org.tw

弦樂課程相關問題,歡迎聯繫麥老師 jojo.mai@ma.org.tw


Ms. Pan (潘老師)

Ms. Mai (麥老師)

Congratulations to our very own MAK Senior, Margaret for being named as a SEMIFINALIST to the 2023 U.S. Presidential Scholars! It is a great honor and an exceptional accomplishment to reach to this stage of the selection process.

The U.S. Presidential Scholars Program was established in 1964, by executive order of the President, to recognize and honor some of our nation’s most distinguished graduating high school seniors. 

Message from Maggie:

Hello Morrison Community, my name is Maggie and I’m a senior in the Capstone class this year. Over the past year, I have dedicated my time to designing a diverse range of fashion pieces including adaptive pants, sensor belts, dresses, and knitwear. I am thrilled to announce that my upcoming Capstone presentation will be in the form of a fashion show, set to take place on May 10th, 2023 in the GCR Courtyard (12:30 estimated start time). I would be honored to have you join me for a celebration of the works I have created as well as a formative exploration of my fashion design process.

Non-Morrison friends are welcome to attend, but should RSVP to tsaim23@ma.org.tw or makoffice@ma.org.tw to be registered on campus. Chinese translation:


我是Maggie,高中部Capstone 班的學生。在過去的一年裡,我致力於設計各種時尚單品,包括輔助性褲子、感應腰帶、連衣裙和針織品等等。我很高興地跟大家分享,我即將舉行的 Capstone 成果發表會將以時裝秀的形式進行,訂於 2023 年 5 月 10 日在 GCR Courtyard 舉行(預計開始時間為 下午12:30)。我很榮幸邀請您撥空來參加,一起賞析我的作品以及探索我的時裝設計過程。


At MAK, we are committed to serving you and your family and hold a high priority on communication. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school by phone (07-356-1190) during our office hours (Monday – Friday from 7:30am – 4:00pm). You may also contact our MAK staff members by email. 


學校非常重視與家長們之間的溝通,且致力服務您以及您的家人。如果您有任何的問題,請在辦公時間(週一至週五,早上7:30到下午4:00)直接致電學校辦公室 (07-356-1190)或電郵以下教職人員:

(General Inquiries 一般查詢)
Dr. Dan Kim
I-Lan Liu
Health Coordinator/健康協調者
i-lan.liu@ma.org.tw07-356-1190 ext. 10
Angela Chu
angela.chu@ma.org.tw07-356-1190 ext. 14
Joyce Lee
Admin. Assistant/秘書
joyce.lee@ma.org.tw07-356-1190 ext. 13
Wynne Luk
Admin. Assistant/秘書
wynne.luk@ma.org.tw07-356-1190 ext. 17
Connie Chang
connie.chang@ma.org.tw07-356-1190 ext. 15
Bill Lin
General Manager/總務主任
bill.lin@ma.org.tw07-356-1190 ext. 25
Krystine Tan
Public Relations/公關經理
David Lee
Elementary Team Leader/小學部長
Michael Chan
Middle School Team Leader/中學部長
EMS Counselor/中小學輔導主任
Wade West
High School Team Leader/高中部長
Matt Newkirk
High School Counselor/高中輔導主任
Christina Stowers
Library Media Specialist圖書館媒體專任老師
christina.stowers@ma.org.tw07-356-1190 ext. 49

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