Social Studies

Social studies instruction at Morrison unites two important elements. One is acquiring a solid knowledge base of historical, social, economic, geographic, human behavior, and governmental concepts. The other is applying the knowledge base to life situations using a global Christian perspective and advanced thinking skills. Christians, as citizens of the kingdom of God, must live out their faith ethically, morally, and wisely in the kingdoms of mankind. To provide instruction to that end, developmentally appropriate concepts will be explored through inquiry learning and direct instruction as teachers guide their students to construct personal meaning and to develop thinking and discernment skills. Instruction should be integrated across curricular lines as well as time and place. Working collaboratively in groups of varying sizes will prepare students for moving from the microcosm of school to the macrocosm of business, church, and social life. Using a United States-based curriculum, we realize the importance of a global approach to history, democratic governments, and other strands of social studies curricula to meet the needs of our diverse population. Instruction in social studies should be engaging, challenging, and rewarding to the student.

Grade 6

World History: Creation through the 1500s

World History expands students’ understanding of God’s story by studying peoples, events and geography beginning with the study of Creation continuing through the 1500s. Major Western and non-Western ancient and classical civilizations are explored starting in the cradle of civilization, passing through medieval Europe, and closing with the Renaissance and Reformation.

Grade 7

World Geography

Knowing that God created the Heavens and the Earth, as well as man and woman in His image, students will study the countries and cultures of the world to better understand God’s creation and how people live all over our planet. Special emphasis will be placed on our home/host country of Taiwan with various “culture trips” being made to provide a more “hands-on” and personal educational experience.

Grade 8

U.S. History: Beginnings to 1877

This course focuses on American history from European Exploration to 1877. Key individuals, events, and changes prominent during this period are emphasized. In effect, then, it covers the nation’s origin, spread across the continent, trial and transformation in civil war, and emergence as a modern world power. In addition to academic content, students will develop the abilities to understand and distinguish cause and effect, identify and interpret primary and secondary source documents, and make connections between the past and the present.